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In this post, we are up with the ideal th7 base war, farming, hybrid 2018. For more information regarding the clash of clans see the official website here. First of all, we'll be covering about the town hall 7 war foundation anti 3 stars with 3 air defenses. Good defence village designs for builder hallway 7. cocbases

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Best th7 base 2018
Finest th7 base 2018

The very first design in the list of greatest th7 foundation 2018 is the anti dragon war base with one double giant bomb place. This layout can defend against hog strikes. Air sweeper is set in the right position to defend incoming dragons in the upper side of their village. Gold, elixir and dim elixir storage's are used as high hit points before the defensive constructions to shield opponents army.

Strikes this best th7 foundation 2018 can defend are anti
Hog riders
giants and wizards.
Finest th7 foundation 2018 anti 3 stars
Very best th7 base 2018 anti 3 stars

The next design from the listing is an anti 3 star th7 base. The top things to check in this design are the positioning of air protection deep in the core of the village along with the air shield to conserve village out of 3 stars from mass monster attack strategy.

Attacks this th7 foundation anti 3 celebrities can defend are
th7 war foundation 2018 anti everything
Th7 foundation 2018 anti everything

The best mentioned th7 base 2018 is a uniquely assembled map that includes 3 sized compartment. The big compartment has town hall along with air and mortar protection. This design has storage's very well positioned before air protection's.

This is an intriguing layout. There are many good things about this design. You will find good placement of

Tesla along with atmosphere sweeper in separate section.
Good placement of cubes.
Excellent usage of storage at correct areas to defend enemy troops.
So, what makes this an anti aging dragon and anti hogs base. Since you may see the air defense are very well deep inside the foundation surrounded by storage. You can observe double giant placed side by side to take out the whole army of hogs.

City hall 7 foundation anti 3 star
This type of looks like the preceding design. However, there are minor defense regarding the positioning of storage and also this is not an anti hog design. This really is city hall 7 foundation anti 3 celebrity.

Clash of clans th7 base
Th7 base anti 3 star with 3 air defense

Best city hall 7 base 2018
Finest city hall 7 base 2018

Let us analyze the three farming bases mentioned below. To begin with of the foundations are unique in their own sense.
The very first layout has city hall centered and also the bubbles are where the storage are kept. The 3 air defenses are kept in such a manner that they can defend the air attacks with ease. As the structure of those bases are unique it makes harder to lure out the comprehensive loot accessible for good attackers at the city clash of clans th7 anti dragon base hall 7. The outer compartment of the village design is covered by staying defensive structures like cannons, wizard towers and archer towers which act as a protective layer for the inner storage's and city hall. The non-defensive structure's like barracks, gold mines, elixir collectors are put outside that is circled by the base and makes harder to lure out.
Coc th7 foundation

Th7 base 2018

Battle of clans th7 foundation
Th7 base design

Best city hall 7 foundation 2018
Battle of clans th7 layout design

Clash of clans th7 base anti 3 celebrities
Clash of clans th7 foundation anti 3 stars

Clash of clans best th7 base
Battle of clans greatest th7 base

Th7 base anti giant

Town hall 7 foundation

Coc best th7 trophy base

Coc best th7 trophy base new upgrade

Battle of clans th7 base

Battle of clans th7 layout

Coc city hall 7 base new update

At to start with, you should concentrate on both Gold and Gold Elixir when cultivating. The simplest way is choosing the very best time for cultivating and simply focus on inert bases with complete Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines. The picture beneath shows to you the speediest approach to perceive an idle base:
The most effective method to comprehend that the Collectors
There are a whole lot of attacking techniques in Town Hall 7, yet I emphatically advise you to run with Barching for easy and productive (1 Wall Breaker each Barrack, 3 Barracks for preparing Archers and 1 Barrack for preparing Barbarian, do not use more than 1 Spell every assault).
Collecting Dark Elixir
Dark Elixir in Town Hall 7 is most challenging in light of the reality that if you can't attain the middle of village or you can't take much from other Town Hall 7 players. The next is the armed force structure that I think exceptionally powerful for this job:
10x giant 2x healer 7x Wall Breaker 13x wizard 34x Archer 16x Barbarian 3x healing spell
With this armed force, you are able to stretch hit the middle of the majority of degree 8 the foundations. Focus on bases using no less than 700 Dark Elixir and also you may have the degree 5 Barbarian King inside a week.

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